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The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (IPP)

The CIPP is a dedicated professional body for individuals responsible for processing or managing the payroll within their organisation.

Our policy team sit in on over 60 government consultation forums so that we can provide our members with the most up to date information available to ensure practical implementation of payroll, benefits and other relevant legislation.

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HRcomparison is the smart way for professionals to select the HR, Payroll and Time and Attendance solutions that will really work for them. Save time and money by using HRcomparison to narrow your search to clearly-identified HRIS software solutions.

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  • HRcomparison gives an organisation’s professionals the ability to identify and connect with the closest matches to their HR & Payroll software requirements with a higher level of certainty.
  • Our HRIS Selector Tool is easy to use, but robust in its ability to meet your needs. It will take you through a series of questions, enabling you to select Applications (HR software, Payroll software and Time & Attendance), Modules (e.g. Absence, Employee Self Service) and then Features (e.g. Multi-currency, Audit Trail) within the Modules. We reckon this will take about 25 minutes to complete, after which you access the results of this Tool by providing some organizational details and accepting our terms and conditions.
  • Quick Product Search is for those wanting a fast overview, and will enable you to key in some headline HRIS features from which a shortlist will be shown. As with the Selector, you can then go on to compare between vendors and their HR, Payroll and Time and Attendance solutions. The Quick Product Search should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • The Events and Exhibitions feature enables you to research compare HRIS products that are being shown at the main HR exhibitions before you actually arrive at the show. You can compare products at Exhibitions through the Quick Product Search screen. Check the box of the Exhibition that you require, and then press "Search". A list of HRIS vendors featured on HRcomparison who are showing at that exhibition will appear below.
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