Tomorrow’s HR World – Managing the Workforce in 2022. An ADP White Paper

Tomorrow’s HR World – Managing the Workforce in 2022.

An ADP White Paper

When the first farm labourers began to swap their rural homes and jobs for a future in the factories and towns of the 18th century, they could scarcely have realised they were beginning a tradition of work that would last more than 200 years. The pioneers of the UK’s industrial revolution were creating an employment and lifestyle template for the modern age that would spread across the globe.
Yet some experts believe a revolution is taking place now that may turn  out to be as important as the events of two centuries ago – and have  far-reaching implications for the way workers are employed and  managed in the next decade and beyond.
“The transformation in the digital age is on a par with the industrial revolution,” says Alison Maitland, co-author of Future Work: How Businesses Can Adapt and Thrive in the New World of Work1. “Ever since that time, work has been based on the factory model of fixed time and fixed place. Now, the explosion in communications technology is enabling us to work in a completely different way, without the constraints of time and location.”
The most pressing issue for business leaders and managers in the next few years is likely to remain the fragile economy.
This ADP White Paper outlines some of the future possibilities

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