The Hermitage Medical Clinic Chooses Intelligo’s leading Megapay Payroll Software

The Hermitage Medical Clinic is a 101 bed private hospital in Lucan, West Dublin, Ireland. Their specialised medical teams provide medical, surgical and advanced radiotherapy care to patients and are supported by the very latest medical technology. The Clinic offers an outstanding level of expertise and cutting edge technology. They have the most advanced diagnostic imaging equipment available today, full Cardiological facilities including a Cardiac Catheterisation Suite and Clinic Laboratory Services. The Hermitage Medical Clinic currently employs over 470 staff.
According to Janet Caswell, Payroll and Pensions Manager for The Hermitage Medical Clinic, “Megapay has always addressed all of our payroll needs and meets all the payroll requirements of the company. Megapay was chosen as the right payroll system for The Hermitage due to the reporting and ease of use of the software. The mid-month payment facility has helped us with new advance processes for our staff. This function has meant we no longer have to manually calculate figures when employees are being paid; the software does it for us therefore helping to reduce administration time”.
Janet added, “In addition, the Excel Quick Link (timesheet import) in Megapay means quick upload of shift premiums. The system also covers all our reporting needs, is user friendly and very secure. “Implementation was very smooth and the customer support team are excellent to deal with and very knowledgeable about the product.”
Janet added, “The facility to switch from employee master view to timesheets is quick and efficient. Uploading and downloading information to ROS is also a key benefit which makes our payroll life a lot easier.”