Greater Manchester Police live on MidlandHR’s iTrent

Greater Manchester Police (GMP)has gone live with Payroll on iTrent Cloud Services from MidlandHR, the HR outsourcing and software provider. GMP is just one of 60 customers going live with Payroll on iTrent in April, of which seven in ten (70%) of these are brand new customers to MidlandHR.
Needing an RTI compliant payroll solution capable of integrating HR data, iTrent presented the ideal solution for the police service with its single database which will bring the entire HR operation onto one single platform. With more than 11,000 employees now being paid through iTrent, GMP is looking to roll out further iTrent modules later this year, including HR.
Commenting on the April iTrent rush, Declan McGrath, managing director at MidlandHR, explains: “With the imminent RTI changes coming into force between April and October this year, just under half of our new customers reported selecting iTrent on account of its excellent RTI compliance and breadth of functionality. By working very closely with our customers through the pilot programmes and customer reference groups, we have been able to ensure that our new RTI and auto-enrolment compliant functionality meets the needs of organisations across all the wide range of sectors that we operate in.”
Looking at the sector breakdown of the 60 new customers, 55% are public sector and 30% commercial, while the remaining 15% are not for profit organisations. In terms of size of the organisations, nearly half (48%) have between 1,000 and 4,999 employees.
In terms of future iTrent modules to be implemented by these 60 customers, almost nine in ten (87%) are also planning to implement HR to improve efficiency by removing the burden of administration and processing, while providing the rich management information needed to make valuable strategic decisions regarding their people.
60% of these new iTrent customers are adopting People Development, which, by optimising workforce performance through employee engagement, retention and an enhanced skills base, can provide real efficiency savings.
Almost seven in ten (67%) plan to offer Self-Service for managers and employees. Across the UK, this equates to approximately 104,845 new employees that will be serviced through iTrent’s Self-Service. The online service will improve data accuracy, offering time savings and empowering employees with greater control to update their own HR records, submit expenses claims, view payslips, manage their leave balance, request training and more.
Collectively, an additional 178,276 employees from across the UK will be paid through iTrent –   more than enough people to fill the London Olympic Stadium* twice over.
*London Olympic Stadium has an 80,000 capacity.